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BonBox Artisan Chocolates, Founded by award-winning chef Barry Gamble, is known for its visually striking designs and high-quality ingredients, often using single origin or organic chocolates From Columbia, Peru or Venezuela. Barry combines his background in culinary arts with his passion for impeccable execution and love of chocolate. Each of his creations is made by hand and indulges the senses. He takes no shortcuts in the process because he knows every single step makes a difference in the end. Polishing each mould individually to ensure that the bonbons retain they're beautiful shine before hand-shelling the bonbons, which take three full days to create.


BonBox Artisan Chocolates has been featured in The Independent, The Scotsman, i-on Magazine, Luxe Bible,

Heart Online,, Edinburgh Life, Spirited Zine And More.


Barry Gamble

Head Chef & Founder


Barry trained at City of Glasgow before refining his skill and fascination with taste at some of the city’s finest kitchens such as Chardon d`Or, Dakota and Chelsea Market. As Scottish Chef of the year Semi-finalist and Game Chef of the year runner up he continually pushed the boundaries using seasonal local produce to create unique flavour combinations. 

Ever conscious that luxurious eating should excite all of the senses, sight, aroma, and of course memorable taste his chocolates are unique, striking and developing subtle flavours that are interesting and memorable. Taking flavours people feel comfortable with and turning them on their head with twists of intrigue such as miso, tonka bean, fir and sea buckthorn.


“Everyone loves the sensation of chocolate, so at BonBox we always strive to be sensational. Comforting and luxurious, yet interesting and unique, never predictable, always memorable. Great Chocolate evokes a sense of occasion, of friends, of sharing, of the relaxed joy of the moment. At BonBox we create splendid Bon Bons of exceptional flavour, texture and beauty, all for your pleasure. Our handcrafted and painted Bon Bons make your gift, an occasion, an experience, thoughtful, memorable, and always sensational.” (Barry Gamble)


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